How smileforEarth Came To Be

Welcome to our blog site and more importantly welcome to our community!

First off, to introduce myself, I'm Natalia! I am a third year university student from Ontario, Canada! I love animals, good food, photography, planning trips to beautiful places around the world, and most importnatly, devoting everyday to God! 

Studying biology at school, I started becoming more and more aware of the environmental issues we are surrounded by on this planet. Unfortunately from the looks of it, we as humans, are leading thousands of species into the 6th mass extinction. 

I also became more aware of something else. 

The beautiful Earth that we are surrounded by and the extravagent species that roam the Earth. As humans we are guilty of laziness and sloth, and it has post definitely projected onto how we treat our home. This lack of care however, has become the norm in society and it as brought me to tears more time than I can count. 

As a young person, I want to be able to show my children the beautiful species I learned about in school and the scenic countries I have travelled to. 

How is that possible when everyday, about 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into our oceans? When coral reefs, one of the most important species of our marine ecosystem, are dying. 

Having parents that emmigrated from Europe, has been very difficult introducing them to a low-impact lifestyle. I have found that since the older European generation lived a difficult life with not a lot available to them, they tend to cling to an easier lifestyle now, not realizing that their previous minimal lifestyle was better for them and the environment. 


  • I want to create minimal and aesthetic products that you can reuse, or compost 
  • Provide products made of natural and organic ingredients
  • Build a community where I can inform of how to live a low-impact lifestyle
  • Donate some of my proceeds to a environmental organization


  • I created this brand to make eco-friendly and reusable products accessible to my loved ones and friends. To hopefully make an impact in their lives by introducing a different way of life. 
  • To do my part in protecting the environment and the beautiful Earth that God has created for us. 

When: This entire idea started in February 2019 and has been growing in my heart every since. 

How: Don't ask me, because I have NO idea! 

  • Being so young, having no business experience whatsoever, I myself still have no idea how I have gotten this far in starting my own small business.
  • In short, I ran the idea by my boyfriend (he makes your guys' market bags and scrubbies btw!!) and he was all in. He told me I had his full support and asked when we start. 

Hopefully with all of your help, as a community, we can grow and introduce our low-impact lives to others' lives. 

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