5 Ways to Party Responsibly on Canada Day: Waste-free Edition

Being a local Canadian brand, and it being Canada's Birthday, we find it necessary to give you guidelines on how to celebrate responsibly: without plastic of course!

Let's get right into it!

1. Cutlery

  • This is a big one when it comes to throwing parties and having guests. We know how difficult it is to wash all the steel cutlery when you have to wake up fro work the next morning, so tell your guests to bring a set of their own! Inform them that you are throwing a waste-free party and believe it or not, most people will be more than willing to do so!
  • Another option is to buy disposable wooden cutlery. You can find a 300 piece set off of Amazon! I would recommend this as a secondary option, since this does still produce waste. 

2. Plates/Cups

  • Hopefully we aren't opting for styrofoam or plastic plates/cups anymore, however paper plates still aren't the best or reusable option for our beautiful planet. 
  • As per above, asking your guests to bring their own reusable dishware is a great option.
  • If you still aren't comfortable with that, head out to a thrift store! Pick up a few plates and cutlery sets to use solely for parties and get togethers if you cherish your own dishware too much. These can chip and break, and it isn't the end of the world. I can guarantee that this option will be more afordable in the long run.

3. Food Scraps

  • Plan ahead for how you would like to dispose of food scraps. The best option would be a compost bin. Let you guests know that you would like them to dispose of their food scraps in the compost bin rather than the garbage bin. 

4. Decorations

  • Keep decorations to a minimum. 
  • Your best option is to decorate with plants and flowers. 
  • Repurposing old decorations or purchase from a thrift store. Remember how much energy is used by large companies to continously produce their products if customers keep buying new!
  • If you do plan on buying decorations, make sure you love them enough to reuse them for next year or for another event. 
  • Buy handmade and local!

5. Foods/Drinks/Snacks

  • This one is my favourite by far because of how much waste can be reduced!
  • Think about how much waste is produced from all those chip bags, cookie containers, six-pack pop/beer rings, coke bottles etc.
  • Make your own!!!
  • Start setting up and planning your party a few days earlier in order to not be caught last second, and find the need to buy all of the food and snacks.
  • For foods like chips and candies that might be harder to make, buy in bulk! There are plently of bulk stores that offer chips, cookies, candies, and plenty more, in bulk. Don't forget your reusable jars and produce bags though :)

Stay safe and have a wonderful Canada Day!

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