Let's talk clothes.

Take a look down at yourself right now and look at each article of clothing you are wearing. From your socks to your pants, to your underwear, to your shirt, your bra, your sweater, you pants, your hat etc. And ask yourself where it all came from. Walmart? Winners? Gap? HM? Forever 21? Aritzia? Sport Chek?

But now ask yourself where did it REALLY come from? What country was it made in? What fabric was used? Where was the fabric made? Who made the yarn that made your shirt? These are questions that we probably never ask ourselves. Never think about. Not before you buy it. Not while purchasing it. And definitely not after we purchase it and hang it up into our closets. Idk if I’m the only the one that gets this feeling, but I get a rather sick feeling 3x when I’m shopping.

1. when I’m thrifting and i get anxious bc I’m unorganized and it’s overwhelming (but that’s my own wrong doing when I don’t prepare myself 😂 tips on that coming later)

2. when I pass by incredibly expensive stores that price t-shirts for $300 3. (swipe left) when I see things like this happening in stores. I’m not talking about the fact that stores might be understaffed or they have other priorities. I’m talking about the mass. The disrespect. The treatments of someone’s work. Unfortunately, to some of us, clothes are simply articles that cover us. To others, they may be a statement about who we are, and what sense of style we have. Although all those aspects are true... they also keep us warm, the block harmful UV rays, they act as wonderful gifts and each piece of clothing you hold has history behind it.There’s more to them than we think about. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Ask yourself this question...Is someone’s pain, worth the price of a really cute shirt? Is the deal that you are getting on some clothes for your new baby, worth the chemicals and dyes that were used to treat that cotton? 

I’ve have stopped shopping at most retailers simply because I don’t know what someone went through to make my sweater. In doing so, I have developed a love for all of the clothes i have, & all of the things i buy. I usually buy second hand, and the beauty in all of it, is that not only am I saving a ton of water that would normally be used to make my brand new clothes, but everything is one of a kind and it’s unique :) I sometimes find it hard to buy dresses secondhand so from time to time I walk into a store. And this is what I see (swipe left) and it saddens me beyond your imagination. It’s hard to see someone’s work of art anymore (whether it be the work put into making it, marketing it, designing it etc.) It’s treated like a piece of garbage left at the side of a curb for disposal. Just because our parents grew up in a generation where consumerism boomed, doesn’t mean that we have to follow in their footsteps and be blinded by the ways of society. Make conscious decisions and be aware of what you are doing, what you are buying and what message you are putting out there to others.

nat xx

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